Tip #1: Weight Training
Weight training is absolutely necessary for building a lean, muscular and aesthetic looking body. I believe there are some gifted individuals who naturally have blessed genetics and achieve impressive physiques without that much weight training at all. Now, just think if they actually put a lot of work into lifting and how they could take their bodies to the next level.

I’m a naturally strong guy but I had to develop my body with intense weight training overtime. Resistance training is beneficial for your muscular, skeletal and neuromuscular systems. These systems work together and they take part in your overall response to the environment. You don’t gain muscle just using one system since they all work together in sync and each one is very important. Your neuromuscular system controls your movements which allows you to move the weights up and down to create flexion and extension. The more weight you use, the more it will stimulate the systems to strengthen the connections. Overtime, you will be become stronger and lift more weight as a result. Lifting weights will cause you to tear down muscle fibers and when the fibers heal and rest, they will recover and get bigger and stronger. Weight training lets you push your body past your normal limitations. Without pushing past these limits, it’s pretty hard to build a strong and muscular body. If you’re interested in having a good aesthetic body then weight training will be one of the keys for you to achieve it.

Tip #2: Eating Clean
Eating clean is the most important thing you will need to focus on when striving to build an impressive physique. Nutrition is the basic foundation of your body and you need to eat adequate calories in order to grow. If you eat junk, then you will look like junk. A nice aesthetic body becomes lean by eating a clean nutrient dense diet. Eating balanced meals with enough macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) every three hours throughout the day is critical to providing the calories and nutrients your body needs to train hard and recover. There is no way you can eat junk food and get amazing results. Take the time to go the grocery store and buy the best foods for your body to thrive on. Cook and prepare your meals ahead of time. This means taking responsibility for both your time and for yourself to get it done. Don’t waste your hard earned hours in the gym by eating junk or skipping meals. Your diet is vital to your success when building an aesthetic physique.

Tip #3: Getting Sleep and Drinking Water
Without getting adequate sleep don’t expect to build an impressive physique. You simply will not recover and grow optimally from intense workouts and overtraining issues could easily develop from the lack of rest. Everyone needs sleep and the body is working constantly all day long processing food and cleaning out waste. Sleep is a big part of the regeneration process within your muscles. The more sleep you get the less stress you will have. Stress releases a catabolic hormone called cortisol which can lead to muscle wasting. This can cause your body to actually break down muscle versus building it up.

Just like sleep, water is another critical thing your body needs to get great results. Your body is made up of over 70% water and you need water more than any other substance. Your body can go weeks without eating but without adequate water intake your body will start to shut down within a few days. Muscle tissue is made up of mostly water and drinking adequate amounts during the day will keep your body functioning at a higher state while also cleaning your vital organs and getting rid of toxins. This helps your blood stay clean and energized. Water helps control the delicate balance of concentrations within the cells. The lack of water (dehydration) is one of the main causes of daytime fatigue. If you want an aesthetic physique then your body has to stay in the right balance by getting enough sleep and by drinking lots of water in order to stay optimally hydrated.

By Claudius Wiggins